Baja Land Rover

Last year I was talking to a client in Saskatoon about the Rigid Industries light bar I had installed on my truck. I love that light so I have no problem talking to someone who asks about it. I told him it's used by a lot of off-road and Baja 1000 guys so it's incredibly tough. Once the subject of Baja came up he told me years ago when he was still living in England, he and a friend built a Land Rover and shipped it to Mexico to compete in the 1994 Baja 1000. John seems like a quiet kind of chap so hearing this was pretty intriguing. Once I got to my hotel room that night I looked him up immediately and found these:

Once the truck returned to England from Mexico, John said he didn't keep it long before selling it. He put on some new wheels and tires and it got used on the street for a while.

Much to John's surprise he ended up finding this exact truck for sale on eBay! Without hesitation he bought it up, had it loaded in a container to make the Land Rover's 3rd transatlantic journey. 

It turns out for the last 15 years it had been sitting unused, still shod with the very wheels and tires John installed 20 years ago before selling it. He plans to restore it, but he does have some work ahead of him as those last 15 years in a field haven't been kind.

The Land Rover still runs and drives, and I'm sure John will have it looking even better than when he built it the first time. 

I had the chance to check it out on a trip to Saskatoon a few weeks ago.

John was sure it had been crashed or torn apart and sold for parts. So needless to say he was pretty excited to find it intact. Pretty cool that 20 years later this little truck came back to find him. Can't wait to see once it's finished! Good Luck John!