Mountain Playground

Today my wife Erin and I did some snowshoeing in Spray Lakes Provincial Park and had a blast. We didn't make it very far in the very deep snow before powering out, but were having fun anyway. Watching the dogs try to make it through the snow deeper than they are tall made lunch very entertaining.

Erin and Coconut breaking for lunch

We drove up the road a bit further, and onto Spray Lake itself we enjoyed walking out onto the crystal clear ice that flowed up onto the banks. It was a bit windy, which the kiteboarders were taking full advantage of, flying quite literally across the frozen lake. Others, it was quite obvious, were out there for the first time.

Enjoying the scenery on Spray Lake

We can't wait to get back out there. The scenery is incredible every direction you look.

This film I found today proves it. Take 15 minutes and watch it fullscreen in HD, and try and tell me you're not inspired to go take a walk in the mountains.