Baja Land Rover

Last year I was talking to a client in Saskatoon about the Rigid Industries light bar I had installed on my truck. I love that light so I have no problem talking to someone who asks about it. I told him it's used by a lot of off-road and Baja 1000 guys so it's incredibly tough. Once the subject of Baja came up he told me years ago when he was still living in England, he and a friend built a Land Rover and shipped it to Mexico to compete in the 1994 Baja 1000. John seems like a quiet kind of chap so hearing this was pretty intriguing. Once I got to my hotel room that night I looked him up immediately and found these:

Once the truck returned to England from Mexico, John said he didn't keep it long before selling it. He put on some new wheels and tires and it got used on the street for a while.

Much to John's surprise he ended up finding this exact truck for sale on eBay! Without hesitation he bought it up, had it loaded in a container to make the Land Rover's 3rd transatlantic journey. 

It turns out for the last 15 years it had been sitting unused, still shod with the very wheels and tires John installed 20 years ago before selling it. He plans to restore it, but he does have some work ahead of him as those last 15 years in a field haven't been kind.

The Land Rover still runs and drives, and I'm sure John will have it looking even better than when he built it the first time. 

I had the chance to check it out on a trip to Saskatoon a few weeks ago.

John was sure it had been crashed or torn apart and sold for parts. So needless to say he was pretty excited to find it intact. Pretty cool that 20 years later this little truck came back to find him. Can't wait to see once it's finished! Good Luck John!

Summerland, British Columbia

Over the Easter long weekend Erin and I traveled to the Okanagan Valley for some much needed R&R. For my birthday this year she planned a great weekend away, with a stay at Summerland Resort and Spa, a hot stone massage and a tasty meal at Local Grill.

We went for a walk along the lake the following morning along a boardwalk and past the Summerland Yacht Club. Saw some geese and some beautiful Weeping Willows. I managed to get some pretty great shots that day as well. It was a wonderful weekend away.


Click on any of the photos to fit them to your screen full size. 


Happy New Year!

To start the new year I decided to go through my archive and pick out some of my favourite photos from the past year. Click on any of them to enlarge them in a Lightbox.

Thanks for all your support last year. It means more than words can say.

All the best to you and yours, and lets have a blast in 2014!

R155 @ Exshaw, AB

Lefurgey Family Portrait

Wild Horses @ Kananaskis, AB

R230 @ Columbia Icefield, AB

Abandoned House @ Rosetown, SK

R155 + C44 @ Tisdale, SK

East Village Spirit Hub @ Calgary Marathon

East Village Spirit Hub @ Calgary Marathon

Darth Vader @ East Village Spirit Hub

Great Grey Owl @ Water Valley, AB

628 Trommel @ Edmonton, AB

Rescuing Neighbors @ Water Valley, AB

Little Red Deer River @ Water Valley, AB

Elbow River @ Calgary Stampede Grounds

512 Trommel @ Calgary Stampede Grounds

Golden Age Club - Donated Food and Supplies for Flood Relief @ Calgary, AB

Cleaning out the Elephant Pen @ Calgary Zoo

Bella @ Water Valley, AB

Bernadette @ Water Valley, AB

Matt and Trudie's Wedding @ Strathmore, AB

Wooden Barn @ Manitoulin Island, ON

Bridal Veil Falls @ Manitoulin Island, ON

Red Barn @ Manitoulin Island, ON

Rock Stack @ Providence Bay - Manitoulin Island, AB

Perivale Gallery @ Spring Bay - Manitoulin Island, AB

Compressorhead @ Beakerhead - Calgary, AB

New Year New Content

Hello everybody! I hope the holiday season treated you well and you got the chance to make some new memories with friends and family. 

2013 was an amazing year and I can't wait to take on 2014.  

Over the next little bit I'll be catching up on posting some of my work from the past few months that I have yet to put up. I hope you'll enjoy it. 

Boxing Day my wife and I and her parents went to Canmore to spend the day. We stopped at a few places for photo opportunities but none more amazing than this. Up a road that overlooks the entire town of Canmore. It's an incredible view. 


Shot on iPhone and edited in Snapseed

I wish all of you the best in 2014.

191 Megapixels!

It was this piece of equipment below that originally brought me to the Icefield Parkway.  The view is so stunning I absolutely had to take a panorama of the screener working.

All together it was 31 images for a grand total of 381 Megapixels, then cropped down to the 191 Megapixel image you see below. To put that into perspective, so be able to print it full size without shrinking or enlarging, the print would be over 5.5 feet wide!

(Click on the photos below to bring up full screen)

Shooting the photo with this method lets you zoom in on detail you didn't think was possible...

It was a lot of fun working with this photo. I believe it will be one of many panoramas in the future!

Columbia Icefield - Teaser

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing some work just north of the Columbia Icefield along Hwy 93. Absolutely breathtaking drive, if you ever get the chance don't even think about it just go. Bring your camera and forget about your cell phone; no service from Lake Louise all the way to Jasper.

Got to see a few sights along the way. I had to let a few of these out of the bag before I've had a chance to sort through and edit them proper.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a Like below!

Have a great weekend everyone!

(Click on the photos below to bring up full screen)

Hidden waterfall

This guy and a few of his buddies stopped for a bite to eat

Wild Horses

A couple weekends ago Erin and I along with friends Mike and Kate decided to head into Kananaskis for a picnic by the river. Its a good way to get outside and let the dogs run and swim and be crazy.

On our way in we passed by a beautiful mare and her foal, which couldn't have been more than a day old!

Driving back home we came across them again, along with the rest of the herd. A few more mares with foals, and the stallion of the group. He was an extremely good looking horse and absolutely huge!

We always feel lucky to some across some of Alberta's famous wild horses.

(Click on the photos below to bring up full screen)

Mama and her new little one

A few more of the group

The stallion

Look at the legs!

So fun to watch the little ones run around!

Matt and Trudie - Engaged!

Back in December I had the opportunity to photograph a really fun couple who were up for anything and it turned out amazing!

We laughed, we didn't cry, we ate cookies... Well Matt ate cookies.

All the fun made us forget all about the cold, almost.

Thanks for a great time you guys!

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The other day I was taking a look back through some older photos I had taken, and came across a few taken at the Airdrie Pro Rodeo way back in 2011. I knew at the time I took them they would end up being very special, but they got lost in the shuffle.

A few years later and here they are!

They are available for print. Send me a message on the Contact page if you are interested and please leave a comment or a like if you enjoy them!

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Mountain Playground

Today my wife Erin and I did some snowshoeing in Spray Lakes Provincial Park and had a blast. We didn't make it very far in the very deep snow before powering out, but were having fun anyway. Watching the dogs try to make it through the snow deeper than they are tall made lunch very entertaining.

Erin and Coconut breaking for lunch

We drove up the road a bit further, and onto Spray Lake itself we enjoyed walking out onto the crystal clear ice that flowed up onto the banks. It was a bit windy, which the kiteboarders were taking full advantage of, flying quite literally across the frozen lake. Others, it was quite obvious, were out there for the first time.

Enjoying the scenery on Spray Lake

We can't wait to get back out there. The scenery is incredible every direction you look.

This film I found today proves it. Take 15 minutes and watch it fullscreen in HD, and try and tell me you're not inspired to go take a walk in the mountains.


New year, new website!

I've been kind of crazy with my website design over the past few years, but I think that's all going to change. I think this is a design that will last for some time.

Let me know what you think of the new design and my photos!

Tyler Kergen